About Our School

Children First Academy - Houston
7803 E. Little York
Houston, Texas    77016
Children First Academy - Dallas
315 E. Wheatland Road
Dallas, TX  75241 

Year of Opening: 1999

Sponsoring Entity: Excellence 2000, Inc.

Grades Served: PreK - 7

Enrollment: 888

Geographic Areas Served: Dallas and Houston 
Mission or Philosophy: The Children First Academy is a school setting where children will be provided with an opportunity to learn the basic skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Music. Our program will feature a highly focused instructional program for each subject and for each grade level to ensure that students are successful in mastering the skills outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skils (TEKS) manual, and the objectives as outlined on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) tests. The highly focused instructional program will be designed by the teachers, principal, and the staff development coordinator. The staff development coordinator will be a person on staff who will assist with the planning, implementation and evaluation of the staff development program. The campus atmosphere reflects teachers teaching, students learning, and parents involved.
  • The Children First Academy has been recognized for outstanding achievement on the (TAKS) Test.  Over the years students in grades third through seventh have achieved a range of 80 percent to 90 percent.  We are also recognized as an exemplary school .  This distinction indicates that our student test scores have been over 90 percent for the past three years. 
  • The Children First Academy has been recognized by the Texas Business of Education Coalition (TBEC) for the second time.  Out of 8,000 schools in Texas, only 400 are selected for exemplary curriculum instruction based on TAKS scores. 
Distinctive Features of the School: The Children First Academy will enhance and strengthen the learning process by utilizing excellent teaching strategies and methods. The school will provide an after-school program and a Saturday School program to concentrate on the instructional program to meet and exceed the state requirements for testing. All students will be encouraged to attend if their scores are below a satisfactory level.

Contact Information

Charlene McGarter, Houston Principal
Phone: 713-491-9030
Fax:    713-491-9032
Email: cmac45@aol.com
Tiffani Muhammed, Dallas Principal
Phone:  214-371-2545
Fax:     214-371-4638
Email:   cfadallas@ymail.com



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