Curriculum Design and Core Teaching Methods:
The concept of the highly structured instructional program is designed to deal with the "what to teach" aspect of the planning. When this aspect of the curriculum is planned the teacher input is imperative. The second aspect is "when to teach" and it must be done with the aid of the school calendar. The school calendar is very important in this process because of the concept of "continuity" and will answer the question of "when". The school calendar will reflect the holidays, assembly programs, early release or other interruptions that may cause the instructional program to be delayed or stopped. Profiling the data is an important step in the instructional process. Close monitoring of the teaching/learning process will be an integral part of the instructional program for The Children First Elementary Academy. Sharing the data with parents and students will also be an important part of the instructional process. The next important component of the teaching process will be "sequencing the skills". This step will ensure that the skills are being taught in a manner which will enhance the learning process for the students.

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